The Story Solution 
for Teachers
Training and Inspiration Programme 
for Teachers of Primary School Children
Storytelling is the oldest and most effective form of human communication, an aspect that is crucial to learning. 
Teachers who work with us receive proven storytelling systems and resources to connect to their children. 
This allows them to sustain themselves, their children and society at large.
You Receive Training
3 Live training Events
4 Online Learning Modules
You are part of a private Facebook Group
Ongoing access to our private Facebook group and tutor support
You Receive Resources
Customised workbooks and resources you can use for yourself and your class.

Teachers receive the support and nourishment that they deserve. 

If you are anything like me you enter the classroom wanting to inspire children to live their best lives, be their highest selves. 

As teachers, we want to know that the time they spend with us is going to be life changing because we have shown them what they are capable of and inspired them to work hard to get there. 

We want to know that that the children we teach are the game changers who will solve the greatest issues of our time. That they will be curious and creative and courageous. And that they will remember us as having  contributed to their growth and their success.

But let's talk about what really happens when you walk into class.

You are faced with:

- a huge diversity of personalities and personal stories that often include negative experiences and pain.
- children with different academic abilities with little support or none at all.
- the huge demands of the curriculum with the wishes of the parents and the directives of the school.
- balancing what the children really need with what is expected of them.

Often your efforts go unnoticed. Most days you leave school feeling emotionally drained.

This leaves you feeling isolated and sometimes demoralised.

Imagine instead that...
- you are part of a network of teachers who, just like you, know exactly what it feels like to face these challenges.
- you had a toolkit that allowed you to understand children's difficult emotions and behaviours better and offered you communication and curriculum solutions that are ready and easy to implement.
you feel seen and appreciated fully, the value of your work recognised and affirmed by professionals.

The Story Solution offers five key elements that will help us to inspire children to live their best lives, be their highest selves whilst also taking care of ourselves and making sure we are always growing too.

Rewiring Resistance - accepting that I deserve the best support

Sustainable Systems through Stories - establishing roles, routines and boundaries through storytelling practice

Thoughtful Training - combining personal and professional growth

Customisable Curriculum Content - purposefully curated stories to help deliver difficult topics

Non Violent Communication Networks - instilling compassion and curiosity at the heart of all we do and say

What Others Had To Say...

"It was an amazing experience. Storytelling is (I didn't know before) a very powerful tool to use with everyone in order to instill curiosity. Having the right attitude in class is one of the magic keys, I believe. I would suggest having the same kind of meeting during school days to discuss progress. That would be great." - Karl Grima
"I felt that we should include you in our meetings at school as you were so full of ideas and passionate about storytelling for children. We need more people in the education system to understand what teachers need and the realities of our classes and communities. You dream but your dreams are real, not a burden for teachers. " - Censina Curmi
"It was a great workshop full of ideas that one can implement in the classroom. I feel I am more empowered and stimulated to try new things" - Daniela Caruana
Places on this programme are limited and you know how it works, the longer you wait to take action on something that's good for you, something you've really wanted for a long time, the higher the likelihood is that you won't ever take action.

And you know what, because I really believe in you and really want you to take this on, I am offering a money back guarantee. If you don't achieve the results that we have spoken about at the end of the programme, we will give you your money back.  

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